The Nagakin Capsule tower

Jos Vorkmans | 2 October 2013

Topics: Design

NAgakin_Capsule_tower_01 NAgakin_Capsule_tower_02 NAgakin_Capsule_tower_03

Leuk article in Wired over de Nagakin Capsule tower… een “pod” toren waar alle leefunits op een minimale ruimte voor één persoon zijn ingericht. Retro Futuro Goodness:
“It was a future that never came to be, largely for economic reasons, and the tower became an anachronism, a one-of-a-kind structure that was an eyesore to some and an intriguing totem of unmet idealism to others. “
Check deze foto’s van Noritaka

(Via design Studio Peter Van Riet )

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