Teahupoo: the mutant wave

Jos Vorkmans | 26 August 2011

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Teahupoo surfing freak wave

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“Most sports require one ball. For surfing, you need two”
Teahupoo of Teahupo’o (pronounced tsjoupoo ) is the home of  Billabong’s Pro Tahiti surf competition, and one of the most dangerous waves in the world. A huge wave breaks over a shallow sharp reef…like the illustration shows below:

This causes dangerous whipe-outs… as you can see in this set of pictures
Learn more about the dynamics behind the Teahupoo wave in this great feature of  surferline.com

This Laird Hamilton clip is a famous illustration of the power…

If you’re lucky to survive your fall, these guys can come and pick you up…The Teahupoo WaterPatrol, specialized in jet-ski rescue.

(I don’t know who made the pics above, so can’t give any credit for them…)
(via blog.tettinx.com)

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  1. JJunkie says:

    Boeiend artikel, heb me altijd al afgevraagd als die pic ne fake was..

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