Why clicking on naked women in Facebook makes you look like an idiot

Jos Vorkmans | 21 June 2011

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I’m so tired of seeing this same girl plastered all over my Facebook stream. So for all you curious people out there who want to know what happens if you click on it…the story

First ask yourself: Do you really want to see a “Sinfully Delicious Video” or a “forreal crazy bitch” like she’s promotod?  Do you really think that will happen on Facebook? A site who deletes personal and art pictures if there’s even a hint of a nipple?

Think again.

So this is what happens: you’ll see the girl in your feed by Friend X… who happens to have a great taste in woman…so it must be safe no?

So you click and stumble upon this page. One step closer ..and this page looks even more tempting!

Now let’s look at this page.Seems like a Youtube video…and oh joy…it’s 18+ . More goodness. Just confirm with “Jaa”
So click “Jaa” , which is dutch for “Yes” …but also Finish for “Share” … you didn’t knew that i guess….

So click “jaa” (share) and you get this:
The second “Share” click. But does that tiny pop-up look a bit weird.That’s because it’s not the real size. If you make it a big bigger…this is what it really says:
So…if you click “JAA” or Share…you’re letting all your friends know that you lost 1kg of baby fat in 3 days. And that link redirects you to a fake weight loss drops site. I’m sure you wanted everybody to know this….

But these spammers are smart. They switch messages: sometimes it’s the weight loss spam, often it’s a variation of the same babe you started out with. Our other spam like this:

So you think something went wrong…they promised you . You’re sure you made a mistake. So you try again.

Some people don’t get it untill the 3th time.
So now all your friends, family and colleagues you’re connected with no see that you really wanted to see the  “Sinfully Delicious Video” or the “forreal crazy bitch”.
So please spread this link to your profile/blog/twitter and let’s educate those nature lovers to stop clicking on this stuff.

(if you really want to see sexy babes you’re better of on this site … )

thank you very much

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  1. Christophe says:

    En dat er daar dan nog blogpost over geschreven worden 🙂

  2. Indeed f###ing annoying.

    I already remove some “friends”, because they don’t get it and keep posting those spam-shares on their wall.

  3. Henk says:


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