Wake \’n Bake 2006

Jos Vorkmans | 15 June 2006

Topics: Dienstmededeling

Recht uit de mailbox en een niet te missen event:

We've cooked up another tropical day of wakeboarding and some decent party time.
If you always wanted to try wakeboarding but were afraid to ask – here’s your chance. You can wakeboard & enjoy the beef (=wake & bake) or do the non-veggie thing only (=bake only). We'll provide the best wakeboarders to teach you how to get started, as well as all the gear. So all you have to bring is your towel and your favorite Speedo.

The only way to register is by visiting www.wake-bake.be so stop calling us! Oh, did I tell you about the bonewrecking demo by the pros?
Anyway, you get the picture, so jump in your flip-flops and run to our site to register. And best of all, you don't have to pay upfront

Wake you there… again, that's www.wake-bake.be

PS For all you activity-allergic freaks – there’s a mighty beach party at night that requires minimal physical effort!

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