Sheraton Ruins Resort (bring own food)

forkmeister | 16 July 2003

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 Wow…dit wil ik wel eens bezoeken…lees ff onderstaand verhaaltje, en bekijk dan deze foto albums: één , twee, drie, vier 
(via boing boing)

“For the last 1000 years, Rarotonga has managed to retain a unique South Pacific culture. But about ten years ago, the Sheraton chain broke ground on the island to build a huge destination resort. When we visited the island in 1994, construction workers were just beginning to build the hotel. We were sure the hotel would ruin this island. … Fortunately, the Sheraton project went bust when it was about 80% finished. . . The ruins of the resort are now covered in rapacious island vegetation creeping in from the jungle. Horses and cattle contentedly graze in the shadows of the unoccupied concrete structures.”

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